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Since 1997, Data Integrity has supported numerous medical application and vendors. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your EMR, PM integrations and upgrades. 

Data Integrity Services has experience implementing:

  • Integrated wireless tablet and laptop EMR
  • Desktop Faxing
  • Road Warrior SSL and VPN Remote Access 
  • Site to Site 
  • HIPPA compliant Firewall implementation
  • EMR and PM upgrade, installation, and support
  • Network Printing and Scanning

As a healthcare practioner you have much to deal with regarding governmental requirements and more. Let Data Integrity help we can provide you with the following:

Data Integrity Services complete, un-biased and candid HIPAA Security Analysis is exactly what you need to quickly identify, mitigate and monitor risks threatening your data. Our process has been streamlined for maximum efficiencies rather than the number of paid consultant at your facility. As with all of our services, NO ROOKIES.

Our approach to IT assessments has been developed in over 25 years of providing exclusive IT consulting for numerous healthcare providers throughout central Florida.   Over 50% of our clients are referral based. 

Data Integrity has developed a unique "Non-RFP" approach to selecting systems, which saves both time and money by avoiding the traditional "Request For Prevarication" (RFP) feature checklist. Instead, our approach starts by defining each user department's "Top 10" application needs, including current functionality they do not want to lose and adding new features gleaned from demos by leading HIS vendors. Our team of engineers have successfully implemented numerous applications.

Data Integrity can assist you with asking the tough questions on terms and conditions with business implications such as defining “then-current” rates in advance, system response times, installer right of refusal and non-performance penalties and remedies.
HIPAA and other regulatory compliance issues are stressed strongly, based on terms we have successfully negotiated in the past with each vendor. Technology requirements are carefully reviewed with an eye to the future.

Data Integrity Services  has been assisting healthcare providers for over 25 years with implementing new systems to insure that the goals set out in obtaining them are actually met. Our experience ranges from working with traditional financial and clinical applications to meeting E.H.R. Meaningful Use requirements.



Stolen Laptops mean 2 Million in Mega Fines. Recently an article was released regarding information about two organizations hit with huge fines for failure to comply with regulations involving patient data security.

See full article here:,29,18



"We are using our Sophos UTM as both firewall and support for 10 Sophos access points providing us with a secure wireless network. The ability to manage all these services on one device is very beneficial and we have been very satisfied with the performance and stability of the solution. Data Integrity Services is a very valuable resource and we continue to be impressed with their service and support."

–Jack Paige,Senior Director of Information Systems and Technology Diocese of Orlando

"Data Integrity has been and continues to be an invaluable resource for us as we go through integrating a new Practice Management solution and an EMR. We highly recommend their services"

–Hannah Lamport, Business Manager Izsak and Lamport MDs, PA

"Data Integrity (DIS) has been instrumental in our medical practice’s networking and data integration initiatives. From firewall and servers to printers and computer upgrades their service has been top quality"

–Daisy Vazquez,Administrator Medical Interventions

"Data Integrity Services is our partner on all our IT needs. They also act as our Virtual IT department and Help Desk. DIS was instrumental in setting up our network and email services."

–Bill Hoosier, Treasurer Holly Hill Fruit Products Co., Inc.

"We are a general contracting firm in business for almost 20 years. Data Integrity has maintained our systems for the past 10 years. They have been a great value to our business. We always recommend them to others with IT issues."

–Gary Henkelman, Vice President Henkelman Construction, Inc.